A hardy ‘thanks’ to all of the festival volunteers

We can’t praise Hamtramck Labor Day Festival organizers and volunteers enough for their service this past weekend.
Hamtramck once again racked up another successful festival weekend, and in fact it was bigger and better than ever.
It’s one of the few things, these days, that brings the community together. And in these culturally divided times here in Hamtramck, that’s a big deal.
Also deserving of praise are the organizers and participants of the new homegrown Hamtramck Parade, which has filled a void left when organizers of the Polish Day Parade pulled out two years ago.
Last year, we were pleasantly surprised at how well-organized it was, and the amount of diversity the parade offered. It was a breath of fresh air.
Unfortunately, amid all the good vibes this weekend generated, there is talk that longtime organizers Konrad Maziarz and Shannon Lowell are moving on.
If that happens — and one never knows if there will be a change of mind — we hope there are others willing to step up.
Or, it just may be a case where the festival has simply run out of gas.
We would certainly like to see another generation of volunteerstake over, and keep this party going each year.
Posted Sept. 8, 2023

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