Act soon to get in on Hamtramck’s real estate

In case you missed it, there is a unique opportunity for people to purchase Hamtramck real estate for a reasonable cost.
The city is holding a silent auction for several pieces of property, two of which are empty lots where industry once operated. Those lots will require soil remediation.
The purchase of the lots will obviously require someone with special interests to be willing to take that on.
But the other properties are in residential areas, and offer opportunities for would-be developers to build new housing – yes, that’s a requirement.
So far, this plan by the city to require the construction of new housing has worked out well in its other sales of city-owned lots over the past two years.
The most recent auction ends on Jan. 30, so be sure to act fast if you want to get an inexpensive piece of Hamtramck.
Here are the following properties, with their minimum bids:
• 9836 Dequindre — House $5,270.01
• 3891 Doremus — Garage $3,403.39
• 9327 Gallagher — House $9,016.70
• 1983 Yemans — House $3,585.31
• 3415 Yemans — House $12,381.39
• 3971 Yemans — Vacant Lot $1,143.29
• 5008 Yemans — House $15,590.01
The industrial sites up for auction are:
• 2930 Denton and 7901 Joseph Campau, $52,669. You must buy the entire package.
Posted Jan. 27, 2023

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