Alley repair project is an investment in the future

Hamtramck city officials are on their way to expanding the alley repaving project.
And for that they deserve to be congratulated.
The city has long neglected improving its streets, sidewalks and water lines. Credit is due to former City Manager Katrina Powell for putting into place a systematic street repair program.
Acting City Manager Kathy Angerer has continued with that plan and now has proposed to expand it. The city council has ultimate say in how much the city can spend on the proposed alley expansion proposal and so far councilmembers are receptive.
While this project will cut into the city’s budget surplus, it’s worth the expense. We can’t afford to continue ignoring the crumbling and potholed streets.
Why past city administration allowed this situation to deteriorate is a mystery. But time moves on.
Street improvements are happening at small steps, but the point is to keep moving forward.
It’s frustrating that it takes so long, yet future generations will appreciate that finally, decisive action has been taken and is continuing.

Aug. 10, 2018

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