An example of how elected officials can get things done

Street harassment of women has been a hot topic in town lately.
The discussion began on social media, and has now resulted in the city council passing a resolution seeking to bring the issue more to light, via an education program.
It wasn’t easy getting to that point, however. Former Councilmember Ian Perrotta initially proposed a resolution that some women said put too much emphasis on making this a police matter.
Perrotta resigned from his seat after fellow councilmembers decided to postpone a vote on the matter.
The delay turned out to be a wise move. It gave the council time to reflect on the issue, and get more input from the community.
While the eventual resolution that was passed doesn’t provide much in the line of muscle to enforce any laws, it does welcome more community input.
As for getting police officers involved, there are still plenty of state laws on the books that do address the matter.
The Review listed those laws in a recent issue, and you can read what those laws are on our website.
In the meantime, we encourage our local schools to set up an education program addressing the matter.
Need to know more about this issue? There are plenty of websites offering invaluable information on how to combat this problem, which –in Hamtramck — has gone on far too long.
Posted May 14, 2021

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