As usual, Hamtramck has had a rollercoaster year

We were leafing through the back issues of this past year, and whew!
What a year.
The pandemic was obviously raged on during the year, and it’s still with us — with no sign of letting up. But, folks are no longer in a lockdown like we were about a year ago, although it could be argued that another one is needed.
The difference between then and now is that a lot of people have been vaccinated. About 80 percent of the new cases are people who have not received their vaccinations.
Folks, the message is simple: get your shot, which you can do for free in Hamtramck City Hall every day (except Sunday).
City finances are always an issue, and will continue to be a main headache in the coming year. Things are going to get dicey.
And then there was the seismic shift in local politics, with longtime Mayor Karen Majewski being voted out of office as she sought one more term to celebrate the city’s 100th anniversary being an incorporated city.
Instead, voters brought in a political newcomer, Amer Ghalib, who is also the first Yemeni-American to hold this position in the city.
For all of Hamtramck’s 100 years, the city has been led by Polish Americans. Majewski is not only the last Polish-American to be mayor, but she also holds the distinction of being the city’s first female mayor.
The city’s new council make-up is now all-Muslim, meaning — for the first time in Hamtramck’s history — the political leadership is also all-Muslim.
Lots of history was made this year. For the next two weeks, The Review will do its annual “Year in Review.”
The yearly review always has one common denominator: Hamtramck is a city of change, and forever moving forward.
Posted Dec. 17, 2021

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