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‘Banglatown’ gets its proper due with a huge investment

There are big improvements coming.
Although not in Hamtramck itself, the Detroit Strategic Neighborhood Fund has ambitious plans for what’s commonly called “Banglatown” – located just east and north of the Hamtramck/Detroit border.
American Axle has committed to donating $5 million total over the next five years toward the project.
The company is one of dozens pumping in millions of dollars to clean up that neighborhood, remove blight, make park improvements and make Conant and Jos. Campau more pedestrian-friendly.
Ambitious indeed.
This neighborhood, Banglatown, deserves the attention.
Bangladeshi immigrants provided a wealth of energy and talent to bring back Conant back in the 90s, when it had become a collection of empty commercial buildings.
They have also reinvigorated housing in this neighborhood.
They have proven several times over that they are committed to Detroit.
Now it’s Detroit’s time to return the favor.
And what is good for that neighborhood will – without a doubt – benefit Hamtramck’s commercial areas and neighborhoods. This is a good time to be investing here.

May 17, 2019

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