Best way to fight crime: Be on the lookout

There has been much talk lately of crime in the city – namely auto thefts.
Every few years Hamtramck falls victim to a cycle of crime – usually involving cars. This is one of those times.
Last week there were 20 or more cars that had their passenger window smashed out by those looking to steal items in the cars or unsuccessfully attempting to steal cars.
Hamtramck is a tempting target for car thieves. Consider the surrounding areas that encircle Hamtramck and you’re looking at some of the poorest areas in the Detroit area.
To those looking to steal something, Hamtramck is a relative oasis of people with things worth stealing.
And it’s not usual for word to get out to the bad guys that Hamtramck is place to shop, so to speak.
As always, living in an urban area, especially an area with huge wealth disparities, require being aware of your surroundings. That includes installing security cameras to record who’s coming and going.
Those security devices are now inexpensive and easy to install.
It’s also advised to leave absolutely nothing visible in your car – not even a book, empty container or article of clothing. You might think it’s worth nothing, but not everyone knows that.
The common advice you hear over and over is to lock your car doors, never leave your keys in the car and park your car in a well-lighted area.
What we all need to do now is also keep an eye out, and occasionally look outside while home to see what’s going on.
If there is any suspiciousbehavior or person, the police department encourages people to call it in. You’d be surprised how many calls that officers receive about suspicious people, situations and cars.
Be vigilant, folks, because they only way to fight crime is to be on the lookout.
Posted Feb. 3, 2023

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