Bike lanes: Try to give them a chance

Bike lanes are something that will always cause division in communities.
Hamtramck is no exception.
We get it that the issue of bike lanes on Jos. Campau is causing a hardship for some businesses that lost parking spaces in front of their establishments.
That’s a problem that can be worked out with a few adjustments.
Bike lanes service a bigger purpose.
They promote community health, and, in Hamtramck’s case, they are part of a concept — the Joe Louis Greenway — that unites Hamtramck with its metro neighbors.
The lanes are part of a 27-mile path that connects us to Detroit, Dearborn and Highland Park. It means Hamtramck will have more visitors coming here to discover our shopping district and markets.
More people visiting here means more business.
The lanes also mean our traffic will be forced to slow down, and they will also encourage people to be less dependent on our autos. What a nightmare autos became.
There was also criticism that the city failed to reach out to the community for public input. Hogwash — the city has constantly invited residents to comment, and also made several presentations about the project.
Simply put, like anything else in government, you’re never going to please everyone, but eventually, people get used to what they once thought would be an inconvenience.
Give it a chance, folks.
Posted Feb. 10, 2023

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