By teaming up, city and schools can tap into resources

The public school district and the city administration agreed to join forces in December to pursue funding for Veterans Park.
It’s a partnership we would like to see continued past this immediate goal. The two government entities have a lot of mutual interests and goals that overlap their respective responsibilities.
It comes down to providing for the well-being and safety of our residents.
In the past, going back decades, there was little interest between the two bodies in pooling their resources. That was largely due to old attitudes and being stubbornly territorial.
We sense there is growing cooperation between elected officials and many residents. There is also a lot of energy coming from younger adults who are now becoming involved in politics.
This is an encouraging sign that Hamtramck is turning a corner, and we will see a huge growth in economic and civic development.
We have a lot of talented folks here in town, and it’s exciting to see city and school officials tapping into this energy.
The year 2018 holds a lot of potential for the city.


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