City Hall Insider … 9/23/22

By Charles Sercombe
The city council met on July 26, and all councilmembers were present.
During public comment, Linda Wolyniec criticized Mayor Ameer Ghalib for calling former Mayor Karen Majewski a “drama queen” and a “skillful liar.”
She said those comments reflected “poorly” on him and the city.
“It’s embarrassing. … It’s unprofessional and shows a lack of restraint and lack of understanding of what the actual role of being mayor is,” Wolyniec said.
She added: “Regardless of how you feel about the former mayor, you owe her an apology.”
Alyssa Wolyniec called for the council to censure Ghalib for alleged racist comments he made on his Facebook page, and for allegedly filling out ballots for voters.
Ghalib has vehemently denied the allegations, and said the allegations are based on “fake” news by an out-of-state media outlet.
He said that media outlet in question is “xenophobic and racist.”
(The outlet, The Middle East Forum, based its story on Facebook posts by Ghalib. After that report came out, Ghalib erased the comments in question from his Facebook page.)
Later in the meeting, he went on to say that media outlets like that are like “opportunistic parasites.”
During public comment, Nasr Hussain also defended Mayor Ghalib. He insisted that former Mayor Majewski is a liar for what she said about the raising of a pride flag on a Jos. Campau flagpole.
Hussain also defended Mayor Ghalib and his comments on a photo of an African-American man with liquor bottles stuffed in his pants, saying that the mayor was only commenting on the behavior of a looter, not African-Americans in general.
A few residents commented on a proposed update to the city’s animal ordinance. They urged the council to allow animal sacrifices for religious purposes.
Later in the meeting, the council got into a lengthy discussion about the proposed animal ordinance, and decided to send the proposal back to the council sub-committee that drafted it.
(The issue has not been revisited.)
Bill Meyer credited Mayor Ghalib for “doing an admirable job.”
He also said that Israel is trying to influence US elections, and is using LGBTQ issues to attack Muslims.
Posted Sept. 26, 2022

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