City seeks public input on parks


By Charles Sercombe
The city’s next five-year parks and recreation plan is in the hands of the public.
The city is seeking public input on a proposed five-year Master Plan for parks and recreation.
An 18-page outline of the proposed plan is available to review online at the city’s website.
It’s a comprehensive wish list that requires hundreds of thousands of dollars to make happen.
The sources of that money is not guaranteed, but the city is always seeking government and private grants.
The city has six parks, all in various stages of development. The largest park is Veterans Memorial Park, located off of Jos. Campau Ave. in the southend.
It encompasses 26 acres and includes the city’s historic baseball stadium.
There is one more park, Pulaski Park, which is owned by the public school district. That park is not included in this proposed plan.
Some of the proposed plans include:
Sarah Garrett Park
• Installation of s monument commemorating the Sarah Sims Garrett Discrimination Case
• Planting of wildflowers
Salaam Peace Park
• Install permeable pavers
• Plant trees
• Install benches
• Install playscapes
• Install fencing
Holbrook Gardens Park
• Create development plan
Beautification of public space
o Residential street tree plantings
o Priorities based on Davey Resource Group Hamtramck Tree Survey
o Joseph Campau flower beds
o In coordination with the Downtown Development Authority, plant and maintain the flower beds in our downtown district
o Improve connectivity of non-motorized transportation
o Hamtramck will complete its part of the Joe Louis Greenway
o Construction of bike lanes on Joseph Campau
o Enhance alleyway on west side of Joseph Campau to become a pedestrian walk and bikeway
o Install bike racks at various parks around the city
o Join a regional ride-sharing program
o MoGo Bikes
The public comment period started on Dec. 24, and runs for 30 days.
Comments can be sent, via email, to:


You can the proposed parks and recreation plan here: parks plan

Posted Jan. 8, 2020

2 Responses to City seeks public input on parks

  1. G. S. Hamtramck Resident

    January 15, 2021 at 11:16 am

    As a native Michigander, I recently moved to Hamtramck after spending several years in California. I was attracted to this city for the potential growth opportunities and access to Detroit. I am a young working professional, with no children aside for my dogs.

    While Hamtramck is a nice place to live aside from all of the garbage on the streets, it lacks any facilities for dogs. I would love to see a Dog Park created, with a large dog and small dog area to allow my dogs to run and socialize safely. Not only is this necessary for the health and well-being of my furry family members, but it’s a safer and cleaner alternative to walking my dogs down Caniff which is consistently littered with bottle bottles and glass.

    If Hamtramck is looking to attract more young professionals, dog parks are a MUST because most young professionals do not have children, but rather dogs that also need a safe place to exercise and play.

  2. Guest

    January 16, 2021 at 11:38 pm

    Why build a dog park for “young professionals” who reside here “temporarily” and will move away from Hamtramck once they decide to have children?

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