City’s first female mayor gets a well- deserved honor

Former Mayor Karen Majewski is being paid a fitting tribute for her 18 years of service to the city.
Last week, the city council agreed to place an honorary street sign named after her on Winfield St. – which is just across from city hall.
Majewski, who was the city’s first woman to become mayor, was recently defeated in seeking re-election back in November, thus ending 100 years of Polish-Americans holding the office.
She served two years on city council, and then 16 more years as mayor.
Majewski’s defeat also marks a historic turn for Hamtramck.
The new mayor is Amer Ghalib, the city’s first Yemeni-American to become mayor. The Yemeni community now represents the new political majority in the city.
When Majewski became mayor, she represented a calming influence on what had long been combative city council meetings. However, it’s pretty impossible to entirely tame Hamtramck politics, and certainly there were a number of disruptive meetings under her guidance.
Hamtramck politics has always been brutal and self-defeating, but despite this, Majewski remained a steady and guiding influence.
Thank you, Madam Mayor, for your dedicated service.
Posted Jan. 21, 2022

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