City’s population takes a dip

By Charles Sercombe
Recently, several media outlets reported that Hamtramck has one of the fastest-increasing population in the state.
That was certainly true after the 2020 Census count was released, where the city reported a population growth of about 27 percent.
The city’s population was listed at 28,443 – a huge jump from the 2020 Census, which pegged the city’s population at about 22,000.
But recently, there is an indication, according to the latest Census estimates, that the city lost about 600 people since the 2020 count.
Hamtramck is not alone.
Detroit reportedly lost almost 8,000 residents, which has Mayor Mike Duggan fuming mad. He has called the Census Bureau a “complete clown show”
Duggan insists the city’s population increased, based on 4,000 new homes being built since 2021.
A number of metro communities have also reported a drop in residents, and the state is reporting a loss of 43,200 people since 2020.
While there may be a slight dip in Hamtramck’s population, there is also a housing shortage, as demand remains through the roof.
In fact, new housing is being built in Hamtramck, and more new housing is expected to go onto the tax rolls in the next few years as well, as the city continues to sell its vacant lots to housing developers.
Posted May 26, 2023

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