Coming to terms with city street sweeping

If there is one consistent thing Hamtramck can’t come to terms with street sweeping.
On the one hand, there are the folks who complain that the city should do more sweeping.
But when the city does have it done, there are those who complain that they were forced to move their cars, or even who received a ticket for not doing so.
What’s a city to do?
The one criticism we hear repeated is that there is a lack of communication. Simply, there aren’t enough signs posted on streets that alert residents to move their cars – or receive a ticket.
We are going to side with the lack to signage on this one, having witnessed it ourselves.
Yes, the streets do need to be swept.
But the city has to make a better effort at informing the public.
The public, on the other hand, has to be more heads-up about this. We have also witnessed residents blatantly ignoring the message.
Perhaps the next step would be to tow away cars that don’t get moved. Would that make folks more aware of the warning signs?
None of this should be this hard.
One of the problems is probably the language barrier here. Many folks simply do not speak English as a first language, and many simply can’t read English.
Hamtramck presents a number of challenges. Street sweeping is one of them.
Posted May 27, 2022

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