Community TV channel is going through a test run

By Charles Sercombe
Hamtramck’s community television channel is now up and running.
Greg Kirchner, who is organizing the channel, said there is limited programming on Channel 19 of Comcast during this introductory period.
A few weeks ago we interviewed Kirchner about the plans for this community access channel. Here’s what he said:
“Some of the content we would like to broadcast includes: council meeting highlights; commission meeting highlights; library programs for adults and for children; story times for young kids; events sponsored by local organizations.
“Also, school events; sports events; social gatherings; informational videos prepared by governmental entities; opinions expressed by residents and business owners; debates and discussions on local issues; performances by local musicians and artists.
“Additionally, one or more game show(s); local news; a calendar of events; speeches by political leaders; lectures by intellectual personalities; interviews with both locals and visitors; and more.”
Kirchner further explained that the focus will be to “serve as a communication hub for our community; to promote Hamtramck; to bridge the divide between different ethnic groups; and to start a dialogue between residents with wide spectrum of opinions and habits.”
Funding for the broadcast comes from a grant.
Posted July 1, 2022

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