Crime Log… 1/15/16

By Charles Sercombe
This week’s Crime Log covers Jan. 5-11.

Tuesday, Jan. 5
A robbery was reported at Caniff and Charest. The suspects were two men approximately 18 to 20 years old with one wearing a red-hooded sweatshirt.
A South Lyon resident was arrested for possessing an open intoxicant while driving.
A break-in was reported in the 9300 block of McDougall.
A resident in the 3900 block of Oliver reported someone attempted to steal his car.
Two men on Andrus were arrested for assaulting each other.
A Casmere resident was arrested for assaulting his neighbor with a fence gate.


Wednesday, Jan. 6
A Detroit resident was arrested in Wayne County Jail on a Hamtramck warrant.
A Hamtramck resident was arrested in Oakland County Jail for being wanted on a Hamtramck warrant.
A resident in the 9300 block of Mitchell reported the theft of a cordless drill from his car.
A resident was arrested for driving without a license and being wanted on a Hamtramck warrant.

Thursday, Jan. 7
At a little after 11 p.m. a resident was robbed at gunpoint by a man in the 2300 block of Neibel. The suspect had a pump action shotgun and fled in a car.
A resident in the 12000 block of Selfridge reported damage to a window of his residence.
A man reported someone broke into his car while it was parked on Holbrook and stole several items.
A resident also reported that while his car was parked on Holbrook someone broke into and stole items.
A Detroit resident was arrested at Conant and Evaline after officers found stolen items from a car in his possession.

Friday, Jan. 8
An employee at a bar in the 11400 block of Jos. Campau reported a person known to her stole her iPhone.
A person was arrested for disorderly conduct following an investigation in the 2200 block of Danforth.
A Holmes resident reported someone smashed her car windshield.
A landlord reported being assaulted by his tenant.
A resident on Grand Haven reported someone broke out a window of their residence.
A woman reported being followed by a person in a black vehicle while in the Conant-Carpenter area. Officers drove the woman home.
A resident reported that a person he entrusted to sell his audio equipment stole it.

Saturday, Jan. 9
Michigan State Police reported recovering a car stolen out of Hamtramck and the arrest of three suspects.
At almost 2 a.m. a resident was arrested for getting into a fight at a bar in the 11400 block of Jos. Campau.
At a little after 3 a.m. officers located the driver of a hit-and-run crash and arrested him.
At a little after 3:30 a.m. a resident in the 9300 block of McDougall reported a man was standing on her porch when she came home. The suspect, described as having a tattoo of a cat on his neck, had been observed peeking into her windows earlier in the week.
A resident in the 2300 block of Holmes reported someone broke out their car windows.
A person was arrested following a domestic dispute in the 9000 block of McDougall.
A Hanley resident was arrested for burglary and stealing groceries from a neighbor.

Sunday, Jan. 10
At 12:15 a.m. a suspect was seen trying to steal items from a car in the 11600 block of Fleming.
At 1 a.m. a resident was arrested for fleeing and eluding, possessing an open intoxicant and obstruction.
At 8:30 a.m. officers secured an open door at a school in the 2600 block of Caniff.
At about 3 p.m. a resident reported being robbed of her purse by a man on a bike in the 3000 block of Caniff.
A resident reported the theft of his 2000 Honda Civic while it was parked in the 9300 block of Conant.
At about 9 p.m. two Detroit residents were arrested for breaking into cars in the area of Sobieski and Casmere.
Monday, Jan. 11
A person was arrested following a traffic stop for offering fraudulent proof of insurance. The car was impounded.


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