Crime Log… 2/27/15

By Charles Sercombe
This week’s Crime Log covers Feb. 16-23.

Monday, February 16
At 12:30 a.m. a Harper Woods resident was arrested on Caniff for calling 911 without a reason.
At 8:35 a.m. a man reported he was assaulted the day before in the 3300 block of Caniff.
A resident in the 3800 block of Evaline reported a break-in.
A Highland Park resident was arrested at Glory Market for retail fraud.
A resident was arrested for drunk driving after being involved in an accident at Latham and Norwalk.
Tuesday, February 17
At 3:15 a.m. a person was arrested for obstruction following an investigation in the 5000 block of Yemans.
A representative of a party store on Holbrook reported the store cashed a bad check.
Two men were arrested following a traffic stop for having fraudulent proof of insurance, possessing narcotics and being wanted on a felony warrant.

Wednesday, February 18
A Pulaski resident reported getting harassing phone calls.
A woman reported being assaulted while on Whalen west of Jos. Campau by a man and two women.
A Detroit woman was arrested following a traffic stop for having a fraudulent license plate tab and driving without a license.
A party store owner reported a Detroit man cashed a fraudulent check.
A Redford man was arrested for driving without a license. The man had been previously cited for this violation 21 times.
A resident reported he was a victim of ID theft. The man said someone used his Social Security number to file their taxes.
A Detroit man was arrested following a traffic stop for possessing a stolen car.

Thursday, February 19
No report was available for this date.
Friday, February 20
A resident living in the 11000 block of Jos. Campau reported a break-in.
A resident living in the 2400 block of Florian reported a break-in.
Officers made a report of a driver test driving a car with a fraudulent license plate tab.
A customer at a fast food restaurant in the 9100 block of Jos. Campau reported giving her ATM card at the drive-thru, but the card was not returned. The card was used later to make purchases at another business.
A man reported someone used his ID to purchase medications.
A Casmere resident reported being the victim of fraud. The resident said that he was selling an item on Craigslist and a person sent him a fraudulent check for $1,650 to purchase the item.
Saturday, February 21
A woman reported being assaulted by her boyfriend.
A person was arrested for attempting to flee from officers following a traffic stop.
A resident said someone broke out a window in his car while it was parked in the 2300 block of Zinow.
A Nagel resident and a resident on Miller reported their cars were damaged in separate incidents.
A Lehman resident reported the theft of her license plate.
A resident reported the attempted theft of her car while it was parked near Oklahoma and Circle Dr.
Sunday, February 22
At 3 a.m. officers arrested a Detroit resident for being wanted on a Hamtramck warrant.
A Belmont resident reported the driver side mirror on her car was damaged.
A Grandhaven woman was assaulted by her boyfriend.
A Holbrook resident reported his ex-girlfriend stole money from his residence.
Monday, February 23
A Lumpkin resident was arrested for assault after attacking a man over a rent dispute.
An Evaline resident was committed to Detroit Receiving Hospital after damaging property and threatening relatives.
At almost 1 a.m. a resident was arrested after leaving a scene of an accident and driving drunk after striking a car in the 2300 block of Caniff.

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