Crime Watch … A Detroit man is charged with carjacking and attempted robbery

By Charles Sercombe
During the past year, there have been several carjackings in town – mostly happening on Conant, but also on Caniff.
Hamtramck detectives have been pursuing these cases, and others as well.
Sometimes, it’s slow going — as is the nature of police work.
Last week, the Police Department issued a press release with updates on a few cases.
Back on April 18, at about 2 a.m., a carjacking was reported in the 11500 block of Conant.
And then, a few days later, on April 25, there was an attempted armed robbery in the area of Caniff and Sobieski. A victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries.
Officers, working with Warren investigators, pieced the two incidents together, and were able to arrest a suspect, Jashwan Lamar Waters, 22, of Detroit.
Waters was arraigned last week in Hamtramck 31st District Court on multiple felony charges, including carjacking, attempted armed robbery and assault.
He is being held on two $500,000 bonds – one for each case.
Carjacking is one of the scariest crimes to happen, as the perpetrators often come out of nowhere.
According to the Los Angeles Police Department, these are the hotspots that carjackers look for:
• Intersections controlled by stop lights or signs.
• Garages and parking lots for mass transit, shopping malls, and grocery stores.
• Self-serve gas stations and car washes.
As always, be aware of your surroundings and any suspicious people.
Also capturing the attention of metro Detroiters this past week was the arraignment of a 22-year-old Hamtramck man who was charged with involuntary manslaughter.
His case rests on a theory that some legal experts say won’t hold up in court.
Al-Hassan Aiyash is accused of locking three customers in at a Mobil gasoline station on West Six Mile, after a customer became angry when his credit card was denied to make a $4 purchase of donuts and iced tea, according to media reports.
Aiyash was the lone clerk at the gas station, and as the situation grew more tense, he ignored pleas by the other three customers to let them pay cash for the items in question, and then further ignored their pleading and screaming to have the door unlocked so they could leave.
Their pleas fell on deaf ears.
The suspect ended up shooting all three customers, one fatally.
Aiyash is being held in Wayne County Jail on a $200,000 bond. Legal experts say the charge is an overreach because Aiyash did not shoot anyone.
The shooting suspect, Samuel McCray, has also been charged with multiple felonies.
Detroit officials have since closed the gas station down because it was unlicensed.
As for crime trends for the past week in Hamtramck, there were plenty of reports of families getting into “trouble” — as the Hamtramck Police Department puts it — along with the usual complaints of noise, loose animals, annoying juveniles, customers acting bad at businesses, and a string of hit-and-run accidents.
Posted May 26, 2023

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