Deadline approaches for recycling

 Aug. 11 will be the last day for the monthly recycling program.

Aug. 11 will be the last day for the monthly recycling program unless volunteers come forward to take over the program.



By Charles Sercombe
Hamtramck’s monthly recycling program is close to being trashed.
Volunteers are needed to take over the drop-off center on Caniff in the city-owned parking lot held every second Saturday of the month.
Recycling Commission members are warning that unless volunteers step up, the program will end with the Aug. 11 drop-off.
Commission members and supporters recently made their pitch at a recent city council meeting, hoping to generate interest in the community. So far, no one is coming forward.
Hamtramck does not have curbside recycling, which many other communities offer. The city has asked its sanitation contractor to include that service, but the company declined, saying there is no money to be made in recycled items.
Bill Wiitala, chairman of the Recycling Commission, said a solution might be to find a drop-off site close by to the city.
“If a person or group committed to really trying to get a permanent drop-off site we would continue the Second Saturday drop-off until the transition was in place,” Wiitala said. “But no one has stepped up for that either.”

July 6, 2018

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