Despite the pandemic hardships, Hamtramck survives

During this long pandemic period, there have been many things that have pressured and burdened residents.
We know there are many suffering financially, and perhaps just now recovering. And there are the distressing weekly updates that Mayor Karen Majewski offers via Facebook, about the increasing number of COVID-19 cases and new deaths.
Over 10 percent of Hamtramck’s population has come down with Covid, and almost 60 residents have died. That is distressing.
But despite all of those hardships, Hamtramckans stepped forward. There have been several food giveaway efforts that are still ongoing, and there have been county, state and federal agencies all offering a number of financial aid packages.
And during all this, we’ve had volunteers circulating throughout the city to pick up trash. That started with the creative invention of a person who called themself the Hamtramck Plague Doctor, dressed with a mask such as was commonly worn during the European plague hundreds of years ago.
Hey, it’s nice to see someone provide some needed humor, albeit a little on the dark side.
Hamtramck is inspiring in many ways, and we are thankful for all who stepped forward during these challenging times.
Posted Oct. 15, 2021

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