Detroit City Football Club going pro is a step up for all

Last week it was announced that the Detroit City Football Club is joining up with 10 other soccer teams to form a new professional league. This will mean an expansion of its season, and, of course, increased attention from the media and fans.
This is a huge boost not only for the team but Hamtramck as well.
The club’s homefield is at our very own historic Keyworth Stadium. The team has attracted thousands of fans, and this step up the professional ladder will likely mean even more fans will be coming to the stadium.
Those fans have injected a lot of business to our local bars and restaurants.
The partnership between the team and public school district, which owns the stadium, has proven to be profitable in many ways.
Besides helping local businesses, the club has been pumping money into the stadium to begin renovating it to its former glory. The stadium was built in the 1930s during President Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration.
That program built numerous structures during the Great Depression and helped put thousands of folks to work.
Hamtramck is lucky to have benefited during that era, and generations have since enjoyed playing on the field and watching high school sports.
The legacy continues with the Detroit City Football Club.

Nov. 30, 2018

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