Detroit’s disregard for its past has encroached on Hamtramck

The Detroit Land Bank Authority can add another blunder to its rocky tenure.
The organization had previously come under scrutiny for failing to monitor a demolition contractor’s work. The contractor had been using improper backfill for housing structures that had been razed.
Now, the Authority has come under criticism for allowing a historic log cabin to be torn down. The cabin, located a just a few blocks north of the Hamtramck-Detroit border, was supposed to be moved to Zussman Park.
It was once in an area known as Hamtramck Township and was considered an artifact worth saving.
The Hamtramck Historic Commission thought they had the cooperation of the Authority to save the structure, which dated back to the 1800s.
But things went sideways recently when the Authority allowed the cabin to be demolished, despite earlier promises to save it.
This, folks, is the face of government dysfunction. And it is such a Detroit thing to do.
Detroit has a long history of allowing historic buildings to be demolished for supposed redevelopment – redevelopment that rarely occurs or ends up being worth it.
Detroit officials have long had no appreciation of their own past. It’s no surprise they have no interest in saving Hamtramck’s past either.
Thanks for nothing, Detroit.

March 22, 2019

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