Election year offers challenges to candidates

Hamtramck’s election season is now off and running.
There is a lot at stake this year – but then again, there is every year.
Hamtramck is once again experiencing a government financial crisis. Specifically, the city’s pension costs – along with other areas – keep going up, while revenue remains static.
In fact, because of covid, tax collection has been greatly reduced, because many residents have suffered their own financial setbacks and can’t pay their taxes.
A number of folks think that the mayor and council have a lot of say, or power, in controlling such matters.
But they really don’t.
According to the city charter, their roles are mostly advisory.
The city administration has been on top of the ongoing financial mess, and has been receiving support from state Treasury Department officials.
We expect to see some major overhauls in the coming year or two.
Hamtramck needs the city council and mayor to be on board.
We hope to hear more from the candidates who are running – and, judging by their activity on social media, many of them have interesting things to say.
And by the looks of things, Hamtramck voters are tuned in.
Posted May 7, 2021

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