Fall festival is coming

By Alan Madlane
The chill may be creeping into the air, but Hamtramck’s got a hot idea to match.
The Hamtramck Recreation Department is sponsoring what they’re calling a Fall Harvest.
It’ll happen on Friday, Sept. 30, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Pulaski Park, 9625 Lumpkin (at Yemens).
What’s there?
Let’s start with pumpkins: You can pick one up, priced from $2 up to $7, first come, first served. Get yourself your gonna-be Jack O’Lantern, while they last.
Also on the docket? That dynamic duo of cider and donuts, is what!
Want more? How about some inflatables for the kids to jump around on?
Best of all? It’s free! A perfect price for these inflated times.
So, walk, run, bike, drive or parachute on in, but be there, or be a Rice Krispie square.
Posted Sept. 9, 2022

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