Football club’s success is also a big win for the city

Hooray for the Detroit City Football Club.
The soccer team completed another successful year — in fact, a wildly great year. Schools Superintendent Tom Niczay said the relationship between the team and the school district has been a “match made in soccer heaven.”
It’s also been a great pairing with many businesses in the city that enjoy the spillover of fans looking for places to eat and drink after the games. We’re pretty sure thousands of dollars are spent here in town after a game.
It has been a tremendous boost for bars and restaurants.
Niczay nurtured the relationship with the team a few years ago, and one immediate payoff has been the club investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into Keyworth Stadium, where the soccer team plays.
The school district owns the stadium.
The last game of the season boasted a record high attendance of over 7,000 fans. Back in Hamtramck’s glory days in sports the stadium would be packed just like that.
It gives us goose bumps to see this stadium revitalized.
Next year the team may step it up a notch by going professional. Their fan base is sure to continue growing. The DCFC has certainly shown that its success spells success for the city and school district.
We can’t wait for next year.

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