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For students, our public schools offer the world

We’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating:
If you are enrolled in the Hamtramck Public School District, chances are that you will have an amazing cultural experience.
Why is that?
According to the district, 16 different languages are spoken in the schools. Years ago, it was thought that around 40 languages and dialects were spoken here.
Sixteen is still plenty impressive.
Hamtramck has long been known as a community of immigrants, many of them fleeing countries that are, or were, war-torn, or have oppressive regimes.
Hamtramck residents bond easily because many have escaped inhospitable countries, and are among sympathetic friends here.
The languages that can be heard in the hallways of our schools expand the educational experience of our students.
There is a reason why the high school is nicknamed “The Cosmos” – as in cosmopolitans — we are truly citizens of the world.
We are a city that truly embodies the American concept of an ethnic “melting pot.”
If you graduate from our schools, you will already have a step up among your peers from outside the city. In a way, we are a United Nations of cultures, all living under one collective “roof.”
Enjoy the experience, students, now that you are starting a brand-new school year.
Get to know one another, and you will be amazed at what you can learn about others.
Sept. 20, 2019

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