For that last-minute gift, go Hamtramck Holiday Gift-o-rama

shot glass



By Alan Madlane
Getting frustrated in your later-than-usual holiday shopping?
Perhaps it’s too crowded out there for your nerves, or your sanity’s, sake …
Perhaps you just can’t seem to find that perfect “right” gift that will express your feelings …
Or perhaps you just … don’t … have … that … much … cash or credit to your name.
Fear Not, and Cheer Up.
` All you’ve gotta do is hop on over to the Hamtramck Historical Museum, and once your eyeballs feast upon all the reasonably priced, pro-Hamtown goodies sittin’ in one spot smack-dab there in front of you, well you will know you’ve got it good and you’ve got it made.
Know someone who loves reading? Take a look at the nearly dozen tomes about our fair city – nine of them penned by legendary Hamtramck historian Greg Kowalski, with intriguing titles like “Wicked Hamtramck: Lust, Liquor and Lead” or “Hamtramck: Legendary Locals.”

Tote bag

Know someone with a lot of baggage? Get ‘em a tote bag or zipper case to lug it all.
Uncle Sonny itchin’ for a cool beverage? There are shot glasses and beer glasses, not to mention flasks. Auntie Freeze prefers her libations warm and toasty? There are coffee mugs, and handsome ones too.
Someone in the family loves it here, comes down every chance they can? Help ‘em shout out their love to the world with an assortment of buttons, posters, bumper stickers or street signs.
Kids? They’ve got bibs.
Pets? They’ve got bandanas.
Or, for the person who’s got everything already, why not get ‘em a membership to the museum itself?
Just visit the museum at 9525 Jos. Campau, or visit and click on the “Store” tab.
Happy, Hammy Shopping!
Dec. 20, 2019

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