For the next several months, keep doing the Caniff dodge

Caniff is going to be a traffic nightmare in the coming months. The installation of a new water line is tying up traffic between Jos. Campau and Conant. In the coming weeks, Caniff between Conant and Buffalo will be torn up and repaved.


By Charles Sercombe
For residents on Caniff between Conant and Buffalo, it’s been a rough several months – traffic-wise that is.
New water lines were installed on the north side of the street that required blocking off the westbound traffic lane.
That meant residents there could not park in front of their homes.
For the moment, the street has re-opened, but not for long.
In the coming weeks, the entire street will be torn up and repaved, and this construction could last until September. The project also includes new storm drainage facilities, new sidewalks, and the placement of sidewalk ramps.
The project is being funded by the federal government, to the tune of almost $1.2 million. An additional $171,000 will be spent for an engineering company to inspect and oversee the project (Hennessey Engineers, Inc.).
This is the second of three phases in the repaving of Caniff. In 2021, another federal grant, $1.7 million worth, funded the reconstruction of Caniff from the I-75 service drive up to Jos. Campau.
After this second phase, the remainder of Caniff, from Jos. Campau to Conant, will be the last section to be repaved. That is scheduled for next year.
Also happening for the next month on Caniff is the installation of new water lines under the north side of the street. Traffic on part of Caniff is restricted to eastbound only.
Posted March 17, 2023

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