Get out and be a part of election history

For those thinking about sitting out the election next week, we suggest you get yourself involved.
For one thing, every election is important, and as a community and country we should all want to get involved.
For another thing, there are critical state ballot proposals, as well as races for local, state and national offices.
In Hamtramck, there are three school board candidates vying for two seats. Another candidate in that election is running unopposed for a partial term position on the board.
The state ballot proposals have to do with elections, and whether women have the right to an abortion.
If you are unfamiliar with the issues and candidates, do some research.
It’s high time that more people participate in elections, in order to get a fair representation of what we believe in.
There are some folks out there who want to limit your right to vote, and they represent a dangerous political movement in this country.
Get involved folks; let’s make sure our voices are heard next Tuesday.
Not registered to vote? Get yourself to the city clerk’s office and register.
Published Nov. 4, 2022

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