Get ready for another party

The 5th Annual Hamtramck Music Festival returns next week, starting on March 1.

The 5th Annual Hamtramck Music Festival returns next week, starting on March 1.



By Charles Sercombe
Just as Paczki Day fades away, there is another yearly party coming up.
The 5th Annual Hamtramck Music Festival will roll out starting on March 1 and runs through March 3. On March 4 the festival closes out with a brunch at PLAV Post 10, 11a.m.-3 p.m. for $8.
The festival features over 160 bands – yes, you read that right – in 21 venues here in Hamtramck and right over there across the Hamtramck border at Outer Limits Lounge (hey there, bar owner Johnny Hentch!) on Caniff east of Conant.
The music offerings are described by organizers as “new and old, soft and loud.”
Sounds right to us.
We talked with festival Organizing Committee Member Eugene Strobe about this year’s festival.
What does the festival have to offer?
Strobe: The festival entails a diverse selection of Metro-Detroit’s finest local talent in a very walkable, neighborhood atmosphere. Free shuttle service through SMART will also take fest-goers from venue to venue.

Where does it take place?
Strobe: Venues include the Hamtramck Public Library, Cafe 1923, and a variety of clubs and bars in Hamtramck.

What should residents be aware of?
Strobe: Residents in Hamtramck should be aware of extra pedestrians walking the sidewalks and crossing the street, as well as extra automobiles on the roads and in parking lots. This is a musical and cultural celebration of Hamtramck, and we want everyone to have a great time and to look after one another, to ensure harmony and safety.

Any free events for the public?
Strobe: All of the all-ages venues at the festival are free. The library, Bank Suey, Cafe 1923, and Detroit Threads will be for families and all ages.
For more information and the full schedule go online to:

How much are wristbands?
Strobe: One $10 wristband gets you into every participating music venue and will be available for purchase at Metro-Area record stores, and at several locations at the festival.

What’s your favorite part of the festival?
Strobe: My favorite part of the festival is getting a chance to see so many bands over one weekend. The buzz all throughout Hamtramck and a feeling of community during the festival is really great and wonderful to see.

Where do the proceeds go?
Strobe: This year we plan to give proceeds to the Hamtramck Public Schools Music and Art programs, by actually assisting in purchasing supplies and equipment for each department that will go directly into the kids’ hands and daily curriculum. We are very happy to help provide that for such a great community we all call home.
Wristbands can be purchased at the following locations:
Cafe 1923 (in Hamtramck), Dearborn Music, Detroit Threads (in Hamtramck), Dr. Disk (Windsor), Encore Records, Flipside Records, Found Sound, Graveyard Records (in Hamtramck), Hello Records, Melodies & Memories, Peoples Records, PJ’s Records (in Ann Arbor), Rock City Records, Smalls Bar (in Hamtramck), Solo Records, Stormy Records, Street Corner Music, UHF Records, Underground Vinyl and Weirdsville Records.
The festival kicks off on March 1, 8 p.m. with a concert at Ant Hall & Ghostlight Bar. On March 2 and 3 there are afternoon and evening performances until 2am.

For more information and the full schedule go online to:

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