Get to know your city for 100th birthday

This past Monday, the city’s centennial anniversary plans kicked into high gear.
A re-dedication of Col. Hamtramck’s gravesite was held, to much fanfare, at Veterans Park.
Hamtramck was named after a revolutionary war hero, Francis Hamtramck – a French-Canadian.
It’s been a 100-year ride for Hamtramck. From what we hear, there will be many more celebrations in the coming months to honor this incredible city.
To say Hamtramck is rich in history is an understatement. We don’t know even where to begin.
Hamtramck is known far and wide, and there is a great amount of love out there for this city. You may have lived here at one time, but even though you moved on, your heart still resides here – we are that kind of place.
A great way to immerse yourself in all things Hamtramck is to visit the city’s historical museum on Jos. Campau Ave.
The director of the museum, Greg Kowalski, is a font of knowledge about Hamtramck, and loves to talk about this great city.
We are lucky to have Greg, and the museum.
Take some time this year, and get to know your city. Trust us, it will be time well spent.
Posted June 3, 2022

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