Get your walking shoes on, Neighborhood Arts Festival is this weekend

Update: Go here to see a map of who is participating and where they are located:

By Alan Madlane
The arts is upon us once again.
The Hamtramck Arts Festival is tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 9.
And the weather promises to cooperate. In spades.
As we noted in a prior issue, the festival’s concept is for folks to walk the city, and then be surprised around every corner with locals making art, or music, or acting or reciting poetry or dancing or basically exhibiting any form of artistic enterprise you can think of, and perhaps a few you never thought of.
Right there on their porches, or in the city’s parks, or in their homes, or in coffee shops, or wherever. Such is the festival’s charm: the art seeker, as the festival organizers say, “curates their own experience.”
It is, they further note, a “community-organized festival that allows anyone in the city and the surrounding neighborhood to contribute to or host an event.”
They don’t limit who can join in the fun.
A couple of additional points about this: they usually do provide a kind of basic map, showing the location of some of the activities that tend to happen regularly every year. Go to for the latest info – and keep checking in, as things are often at some level of flux.
So come out and support the festival.
Art: It’s the smart thing to do.
Posted Oct. 8, 2021

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