Guest Editorial: Three Boardmembers make their endorsements for HPS

A school board functions best when it can be a genuine link between the community and the school system.
All seven members are responsible for working with the students, staff, and community members to shape the vision and direction of the district. But most importantly, board members are responsible for working with each other in a manner that matches the highest expectations we have for our young people: Compassion. Integrity. Civility.
On November 8th, there will be three seats available for the Hamtramck Public School Board. One person, Salah Hadwan, is running unopposed for the partial 4-year term.
Seven other people are running for the two remaining six-year terms. They are long time residents, public servants, HPS graduates, former employees, activists, educators, and business owners. They all deserve to be thanked for their desire to serve.
However, at this time, only two candidates have the full combination of skills and qualities needed to join our team and keep HPS moving forward. They are Moortadha Obaid and Jackie Starr.
Moortadha is the proud parent of two HPS students, the well respected owner of Royal Kabob, an HPS graduate, and someone who has supported countless fundraising efforts for essential school programs. Jackie has already served on the board for nearly two years, recently retired as an HPS teacher, is a proud grandparent of an HPS student, and can always be found at school functions.
Moortadha Obaid and Jackie Starr represent the best Hamtramck has to offer. They have deep connections to our students and families, previous leadership in education and business, and are emblematic of true public servants.
They both worked hard to renew the HPS operating millage, which 82% of our community supported, and more recently to renew the Recreation Millage. They live every day with integrity in their actions, compassion in their hearts, and civility in their words. For this, and for the future of our school system, we believe they deserve your vote on November 8th.
Maggie Srodek, President, Hamtramck Board of Education
Evan Major, Vice President, Hamtramck Board of Education
Salah Hadwan, Trustee, Hamtramck Board of Education


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