Hamtown Farms site is now privately owned, its future unknown

Michael Davis and Andy Rice (right) of the Hamtown Farms hand over a check for $10,000 to Detroit Friendship House. The money came from proceeds from the recent sale of the farms, which closed in April.


By Charles Sercombe
Hamtown Farms is not only closed down, it has now been sold.
Michael Davis, a co-organizer of the farm, declined to say who purchased the seven lots, located at 9110 and 9026 Lumpkin St., or what the selling price was.
Although, he did hint that the lots went for a “hefty” amount of money.
Not only did the property apparently go for top dollar, it went quick.
Davis said it took only two hours once the property was listed for sale for an offer to come forward and be accepted.
Because Hamtown Farms was a non-profit organization, the state regulates where the proceeds go – namely, not in Davis’ pocket.
“The proceeds, by state law, will go to satisfy any known creditors, with the residue going to area nonprofits with a similar mission and goals,” Davis told The Review.
Some $10,000 of the sale price was recently donated to Detroit Friendship House on Conant.
That non-profit is a food pantry serving thousands of low-income families and individuals in the area.
Davis also said he does not know what the new owner intends to do with the properties. Considering that the real estate market is red hot these days, it’s a good guess houses will be built there.
Hamtown Farms came to an end last April after a string of vandalism incidents forced its closure.
In April, Davis made the announcement via Facebook.
“We have some sad news to share. Unfortunately, due to a recent rash of vandalism and destruction (and seven years of continued vandalism and destruction), Hamtown Farms will be closing,” Davis said at the time.
The farm had been in operation for seven years. It was a place where residents could grow their own produce, and where social gatherings were held. A number of weddings were also performed at the site.
Aug. 9, 2019

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