Hamtramck continues to shine and we want more

Last weekend was one of those special ones in Hamtramck.
The annual Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival was even bigger and better than in previous years, and created quite a buzz in town.
We can thank a new influx of volunteers who recently moved into the city, for energizing the event. And we would be remiss to leave out those who have steadily plugged along for any number of years to make this citywide cultural event a success.
Hamtramck has these special weekends, here and there, such as the Hamtramck Music Fest, and they always leave us wishing there could be more, please.
We realize that’s easy to say, and that it takes hard work and dedication by volunteers to coordinate these things.
One such thing was last Friday’s spring bulb planting in the Jos. Campau planters done by volunteers.
It takes a hands-on approach to make this city look good, and to produce a feel-good vibe.
We’ve seen volunteers come and go over the years, but each successive wave of folks helps build on what came before.
Keep building, Hamtramck.
Posted Oct. 14, 2022

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