Hamtramck is ready to rebuild its housing

Hamtramck has its financial challenges, but there is one bright spot.
The city is serious about bringing back housing. For decades, Hamtramck has been unable to unload its many vacant lots because of a housing discrimination lawsuit.
The reasons for that are complicated, but the case has largely been settled.
That has allowed the city to develop dozens and dozens of empty lots that once were filled with housing. Over the years, as residents moved out to the suburbs, the housing stock fell into disrepair, or became victims of arson.
The city is now auctioning off a portion of these lots, but with one important requirement: The people who purchase these lots have to build new housing.
Hamtramck desperately needs to rebuild. In the 1950s, the city boasted of a population of over 50,000.
We now have a population of about 22,000 – roughly half of what the city used to be in its heyday.
The city needs additional property taxes, as well as the income tax revenue, that will come with the rebuilding.
This is a tremendous boost that the city has long needed. And it also promises to boost our local businesses with more customers.
We can’t wait to see construction crews out there, building new housing.
Posted April 8, 2021

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