Hamtramck is steadily making needed improvements

It’s gratifying to see progress play out in Hamtramck.
For the past couple of years, we have seen new sewer lines installed in the southend, the repaving of Holbrook and part of Caniff, and now Hamtramck’s historic baseball stadium undergoing renovation.
All of this took plenty of time to plan, and to find funding sources.
That work was shouldered by city officials and for, the stadium, also by the generous support of volunteers.
Hamtramck, for all its faults, is moving forward in a methodical way.
Yet, at the same time, the city faces plenty of challenges, and has numerous areas that still need improvement.
It’s a dilemma for many older urban areas, where investment over the decades has eroded, along with interest.
But we are fortunate to have both dedicated volunteers, and city officials, who are making things happen.
We are especially amazed by the transformation of the baseball stadium, once home to legendary players from the Negro Baseball League. The end result will produce an entertainment space suitable for many events.
There is so much more coming down the pike. These are exciting, and hopeful, times for Hamtramck.
Posted Oct. 1, 2021

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