Hamtramck’s comeback is rivaled only by the rise of Detroit

Hamtramck has never been more appealing.
We are hearing from a lot of folks that the housing market here is very tight. There are apparently many folks waiting to call Hamtramck home – thanks in large part to the rising rents in Detroit.
It looks like we can thank Detroit’s increasing comeback to Hamtramck’s own rising star.
Our business district, too, has seen increased attention. Recently an independent media outlet named Hamtramck one of the best “foodie” towns in the country.
Interestingly, only our two Polish restaurants were singled out. While they both deserve the recognition, what was overlooked are the incredible number of other ethnic restaurants. We now boast of at least a dozen Middle Eastern eateries.
We even have a very fine sushi place. Increasingly, Hamtramck is becoming a destination place for our variety of restaurants, and our always lively music scene.
Thanks to the folks at Planet Ant Theatre, we also can boast hosting one of the best theater outlets in the Detroit area.
We can now add to the list of great things our one and only bicycle shop, Wheelhouse. That store was recently named one of the best bike shops in the country.
At this point we can safely assume the list of great things and best-ofs will only increase.
Hamtramck, you’re looking good.

Published 10/13/17

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