Hamtramck’s district court race: Alexis Krot deserves support

One of the more interesting local races on the upcoming Nov. 6 ballot is the one for 31st District Court Judge.
Alexis Krot has been serving in that role since being appointed to the position by Gov. Rick Snyder. She took the position after former Judge Paul Paruk resigned to take a job with the state court administration office.
She is facing a relatively unknown challenger attorney John Gorniak, who moved to Hamtramck several months ago to run for the job.
If history is any guide, whoever wins this election is pretty much guaranteed re-election for as long as they want the position.
Gorniak has made his presence known in the city and is aggressively campaigning.
He has also attended city council meetings for the past few months and has expressed his opinion on a number of subjects.
Krot is a native Hamtramckan and had operated a private practice here. Her family has long ties to the community as well, and have owned Krot Funeral Home for decades.
It is fair to say that Alexis Krot knows this city and its people well. From our perspective, she has run the court professionally and has been fair-minded on the bench.
There are many challenging cases that come before the court, and there are many ethnic communities to accommodate here in Hamtramck.
Krot has served the city well.
If elected to the position, she will be the first female to be elected to that role since the city was founded.
Hamtramck voters would do the city a favor by keeping Krot on the job. We highly recommend ALEXIS KROT to the position of Hamtramck 31st District Court Judge.

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  1. Roadman

    October 19, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    “There are many challenging cases that come before the court…………”

    Yes, and Judge Alexis Krot made an “unexpected decision” and created “controversy” by dismissing for lack of evidence a murder case involving a toddler who died due to 16 blunt force trauma wounds to her face and head:




    John Gorniak has over 25 years experience as a criminal defense attorney and would be unlikely to make erroneous decisions in important cases.

  2. Fatema Hossain

    October 20, 2018 at 11:12 am

    I support attorney John Gorniak to be Hamtramck’s next District Court Judge.

    John’s campaign slogan is “World Class City with World Class People”.

    John has knocked on 6,000 doors during his campaign trying to personally meet every single voter.

    He shook my hand and said “I’m running in the race to win”.

    Hamtramck needs a new direction and local residents should support his candidacy.

  3. David Baker

    October 20, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    That case was appealed and the Third Circuit Court upheld Judge Krot’s difficult decision. Do your research before spouting off, Mark Koroi aka Fatema. John Gorniak is an attorney with questionable motives and a greivance history. Another shady carpet bagging outsider. He may claim that he has 25 years of experience, but he can’t represent his clients, pay his student loans or maintain his child support obligations. I really hope that the people who read this realize that being a judge means making tough decisions and the right decisions on cases. So we know who “Roadman” and “Fatima Hossain” are. They are more of Gorniak’s buddies mascarading as residents of this community. One question I have to ask Gorniak. If you are such a good attorney, why can you only get court appointments? He ran for Macomb Co. Prosecutor, Macomb Co. Charter Commissioner and came in last in both races. Do your research. John, I don’t think you have
    any idea what it means to be a district court judge or any type of elected official and with help of the residents of this community you never will. So stay inTroy. There aren’t 6,000 doors to knock in Hamtramck. Do your research. Richard Fabisczak illegally flyering mailboxes is not knocking doors. Take your 25 years of so called experience (when your haven’t been suspended) and stay in Troy. We don’t want or need you here! The only choice for Judge is Alexis Grace Krot.

  4. David Baker

    October 20, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    Mark Koroi aka Fatema Hossain aka Roadman aka whatever else is just here to pillage the coffers of our community. Neither Koroi or Gorniak are residents. They are here to make money off of us with their frivolous lawsuits. Think about the times Mark Koroi has sued us on behalf of Steve Shaya before you listen to him posting under one of his many aliases. These people cannot be trusted. They are not part of this community. They don’t live here.

    By the way, look at Gorniak’s flyer…a person with 25 years experience should understand the jurisdiction of a Michigan district court – a district court judge can’t fix your schools, sidewalks or worship. This may all be a joke to Koroi and Gorniak but it should not be to us.

  5. Carolynn Krause

    October 21, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    Judge Krot followed the law and made the right decision, even though it was difficult. That is what good, honest Judges are called to do. John Gorniak has proven this campaign season that he is either unwilling or unable to follow the law – signs on public property, prosletyzing at city council meetings. This guy is dangerous and bad for Hamtramck.
    It is easy to see why The Hamtramck Review supports Judge Krot. Voters will be smart to do the same. Retain Our Judge Alexis Krot.

    (Editor’s note: This letter was edited.)

  6. A Citizen's Dissent

    October 21, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    I dissent from the Hamtramck Review endorsement of Judge Krot.

    Here is why:

    (A)Alexis Krot had been an associate attorney with the Allen Bros. law firm and prosecuted ordinance violations on behalf of the City of Hamtramck before Jim Allen was replaced by John Clark as City Attorney;

    (B)as District Court Judge she now hears ordinance prosecutions filed by Allen Brothers – possible conflict of interest?

    (C)she approved a generous plea deal in which all but two code violations out of thirteen alleged against Henry Vellamen were pled to and the remaining eleven dismissed – Vellamen has been criticized as a major landowner in Hamtramck who has allowed realty to fall in a state of disrepair;

    (D)the Krot family has substantial realty holdings in Hamtramck and a potential for conflict of interest situations occur if court actions involving such realty is brought in the city – like evictions and other types of actions;

    (E)Alexis Krot had a lackluster career as an attorney and received the appointment from Governor Snyder largely due to the fact Judge Paruk was moving on to a post with the state supreme court;

    (F)she made her first non-judicial political campaign contribution in her lifetime this year to the Anam Miah state senate committee and has suddenly had the inclination to take “selfies” alongside minority residents once she realized she had competition for her seat;

    (G)she has been criticized by litigants for her courtroom performance.

    John Gorniak is the superior candidate in this race.

  7. John Dory

    October 21, 2018 at 10:18 pm


    It looks like the Krot/Gorniak race for local judge is going to be a barnburner! It is obvious there are strong sentiments by supporters of both candidates.

    I wonder if the Hamtramck Review is going to publish Question and Answer format candidate responses on issues relevant this race as the Review has in previous candidate elections?

    All the hyperbole aside, I believe that candidate positions on night court, traffic ticket adjudications, code enforcement matters and sentencing philosophies are what voters will be most likely to want to know about before casting their votes in November.

  8. John Dory

    October 21, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    Carolynn Krause:

    Prosletyzing at City Council meetings?

    We may not have a Muslim-majority City Council anymore! LOL!

  9. Resident

    October 22, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    Roadman, Fatema Hossain, A Citizen’s Dissent… These are all clearly Mark Koroi.

    (A) Only an attorney would write in a manner utilizing an outline format;

    (B) Only Mark Koroi wants to see John Gorniak elected, which is why he recruited him to run;

    (C) Only Mark Koroi and his sloppy attention to detail would fail to put a space between his alphabetical headings and the words following them;

    (D) The coda at the end of the list of grievances sounds exactly like Mark Koroi when he ends his statements at City Council meetings.

    Mark, you need to get a life and quit interfering with the City of Hamtramck.

  10. Gary Krantz

    October 24, 2018 at 6:41 pm

    Do you have any proof as to the identity of “Roadman” -or are you speculating. Some have speculated that “Guest” is really former Councilman Scott Klein – but no one is sure.

    A few years ago the graffiti artist “Banksy” was believed to have graced Hamtramck with his presence – but this was soon discounted. Maybe Banksy is Roadman – but likely not.

    Who is “Resident” – maybe its Roadman or even Banksy?

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