Here’s hoping the international flags return

There’s been a lot said,in recent weeks, about what kind of flags should be flown on public property.
We’re sure this discussion is far from over.
Recently, the mayor and city council backed a ban flying a pride flag, among others, on city flagpoles. The city’s new policy is to allow only the American, state, city and prisoner of war flags to be flown, as well as those nations’ flags that represent Hamtramck’s multi-national character.
Just recently, the international flags were also removed because, it was said, the flags belong to the former chairman of the Human Relations Commission who was fired by the council for raising a pride flag despite not having the authority to do so.
That’s an unfortunate end to that chapter, but we hope, in the not-too-distant future, that the international flags make a reappearance. Right now, it’s just Old Glory flying on the city’s 18 flagpoles on Jos. Campau.
While we are all in favor of the American flag, the appearance of the international flags gaveHamtramck a unique look – one that tells visitors that there is something very special here.
We’re assuming the city will budget for the purchase of a new set of international flags.
It would be a shame to lose that unique characteristic — one that shows the world that Hamtramck truly is an international community.
Posted July 28, 2023

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