HPS District once again shines during graduation time

Each year, we visit with the Hamtramck High School graduating seniors during their graduation ceremony.
And each year we are amazed at their energy, and the even-more-impressive cultural diversity in the public schools.
This is a very unique experience that is not duplicated in the suburbs.
Hamtramck is an island unto itself.
The experiences these students have growing up and learning together must be awe-inspiring. No doubt, this rich learning environment will forever play a key part in their lives.
And this experience will also give them a leg up on being able to get along with others in this increasingly diverse country and world.
Helping all the way are our dedicated teachers and administrative staff. This is truly a team effort, and the results make us proud of this city.
This public school district truly exemplifies what can happen if people work together – something our city’s elected officials could learn a lesson about.
There have been some serious cultural divides lately in the city, and we remind folks to look no further than what is happening in our public schools.
We think you’ll find inspiration there.
Our graduates are optimistic and, more importantly, moving forever forward in life.
This is the end of their first phase in life, and now is an exciting time for graduates. They can go and do anything they dream of at this point.
The future for them is endless.
We wish the Class of 2021 all the luck in the world, and know one thing: Hamtramck will always be your home.
Posted June 18, 2021

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