HPS District perseveres despite its many challenges

Last week The Review dedicated our entire issue to our public school district.
The HPS District certainly has had its share of challenges and difficulties in the last three years: First with the Covid pandemic, and recently with the school board’s fallout with Superintendent Jaleelah Ahmed.
Despite these controversies, the HPS family still offers a quality education for our students – especially considering that many of them have limited English language skills, and also come from low-income households.
That’s a double-whammy for any district to have to face.
Yes, the district does have its critics, but we think some of the naysayers simply don’t realize the depth of the district’s challenges. As the saying goes, walk a mile in their shoes.
Some of the critics are simply people who never have any constructive thing to say or offer.
That’s true for what the city government faces. Chalk that up to human nature.
We congratulate the teachers, administrators and staff members of the HPS District for doing a good job despite the overwhelming challenges.
We also congratulate this year’s graduates, and wish them all the success in the world.
Posted June 17, 2022

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