HPS follows common sense in remote learning

Hamtramck Public Schools are doing the right thing.
The district decided to hold off having students return to class for the past two weeks, as new Covid cases continued to explode. Last Saturday there were 70 new cases confirmed in Hamtramck – 70 in one day!
During the past week, there were over 200 confirmed cases reported here.
It is being said by health officials that this surge is the worst so far for the past two years.
Hamtramck schools were not alone in making the right call; many other districts in the metro area, and nationwide, took the same cautionary action.
The big question is how long will this stay-at-home mandate have to be in place?
There is some talk that this latest strain of Covid, omicron, will soon run its course. But, there is also talk of new variants continuing to emerge.
We know having students stay at home, and learn virtually, puts a lot of strain on parents. And we know kids would rather be at school and be with their friends.
The Covid pandemic has exhausted most of us. But if we hang in there and take some common-sense precautions, we can beat this virus.
In the meantime, we need to continue to mask up, and limit our contact with the public.
We also applaud Hamtramck’s new mayor, Amer Ghalib, for continuing to reach out to residents about the latest updates on Covid, as his predecessor did, via Facebook.
Residents need that reassuring connection in these times of stress.
Posted Jan. 14, 2021

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