HPS schools to re-open next week despite Covid increase


By Charles Sercombe
The wait is over for Hamtramck Public School students.
Starting this Monday, Jan. 31, HPS students will be returning to their school buildings for actual in-person learning.
HPS Superintendent Nabil Nagi told The Review on Jan. 27, the day The Review went to press, that school buildings will be re-opening.
In a press release issued Thursday afternoon, Nagi told the HPS community that the district will continue to monitor the number of Covid cases.
“We are excited to welcome our teachers, staff and students back next week and encourage all our community members to continue following responsible and safe practices inside and outside of school walls.” Nagi said.
“Our top priority is keeping everyone safe and we will continue to monitor COVID-19 trend lines in our county to make informed decisions in the best interests of our school community.
“We will also continue to take the situation week by week this winter. If staffing or case counts again become troublesome, it may require another temporary period of remote learning.”
For the past four weeks students were told to stay home and continue with learning virtually.
The stay-at-home order was the result of a surge in Covid cases for over the past month. Although it has now been deemed safe for kids to return, the number of Covid cases in Hamtramck continue to increase, according to Wayne County health officials.
Last week there were 178 new COVID-19 cases reported in the city – which is a record high number for a one-week period in Hamtramck.
Nagi had earlier announced that school buildings would be getting a deep cleaning, and that additional safety steps will be taken when students come back to their buildings.
Students and staff are required to wear masks while indoors.
The district also has testing sites on hand in case students or staff are suddenly not feeling well.
Posted Jan. 27, 2022

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