In an era of a pandemic, here’s something to celebrate

Despite the never-ending gloomy news about the coronavirus pandemic, and the increasing number of local deaths from the disease, there has been some good news.
In better times, Hamtramck would be rejoicing these days.
First, hometown hero Rudy Tomjanovich was recently inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.
Rudy T, as he is affectionally known, had a stellar career here first at Hamtramck High School, then the University of Michigan, and then in the NBA.
He was an amazing player, and his coaching time in Houston was also legendary.
Rudy T might just be Hamtramck’s best export to professional sports, and that’s saying a lot for a city that has produced a number of superb athletes.
A reader and friend of The Review, Steve Paljusevic, has suggested that Hamtramck High School should retire Rudy’s number, just like the Houston Rockets did.
So, we’ll pass along that idea to the Hamtramck School Board. In fact, let’s make a big deal out of it and have a city-wide Rudy Tomjanovich celebration whenever this hideous pandemic eases up enough to allow social gathering to resume.
Next up that’s worthy of celebrating is that money keeps pouring in for the renovation of our historic baseball stadium in Veterans Park.
The stadium was built in 1930 for the Negro Baseball League, back at a time when the all-white major leagues banned African-Americans from playing in the league.
As shameful as that era was, it didn’t stop African-Americans from participating in what was once called America’s pastime, and also contributing greatly to the sport.
Over the years, people here forgot about that important part of history, and the stadium was allowed to become run down.
A game changer occurred when local folks did some research and discovered we had a true national gem here – there are only five such stadiums remaining in the country.
If their entire wish list gets funded, and we are pretty confident it will, the stadium will once again function for games and for other entertainment events.
It’s a dispiriting time right now, but there are still some shining moments for Hamtramck.
Posted April 24, 2020

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