Local real estate still a hot market

City Councilmember Mohammed Alsomiri was the top bidder in a recent city property auction for two former industrial lots.

By Charles Sercombe
Hamtramck property still attracts top dollar.
In a recent auction of eight city properties, which included lots and houses, the city netted $442,601.
Two of the winning bids went to local elected officials: a Hamtramck councilmember and state representative.
Councilmember Mohammed Alsomiri purchased two industrial lots for $81,000 combined, which are next to the Hamtramck Recycling facility; one at 2930 Denton and one at 7901 Jos. Campau. That business submitted the lowest bid for the lots, at $62,699.
State Rep. Abraham Aiyash purchased a two-family house at 5008 Yemans for $65,601.The house will require extensive repairs.
Alsomiri had some stipulations tied to his purchase. The city is requiring that he do the following:
• Remove contaminated soils on the site.
• Update the screening and fencing around the parcel.
• Cooperate with the city to revitalize the corner of Jos. Campau, as it is the entrance to the city and adjacent to the new Joe Louis Greenway.
The cost to remediate the lots could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Alsomiri is also the owner of Hamtramck’s largest retail building – the former Shopper’s World – located in the heart of the city’s Jos. Campau business district.
He has been making ongoing renovations to that building for several years. So far, no business is operating there.
Here’s the list of properties and their sale prices, as well as the winning bidders (not including the aforementioned properties):
• 3891 Doremus, $21,000, Joseph Gill
• 3971 Yemans, $15,000, Hazem Samir
• 3415 Yemans, $71,000, Hazem Samir
• 1983 Yemans, $95,000, Mohammed Alsalehi
• 9327 Gallagher, $50,000 Hazem Samir
• 9836 Dequindre, $44,000, Adnan Komio
Posted March 10, 2023

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