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Making our streets safe for pedestrians is job one


For the past several weeks our City Life columnist has taken a close look at how to make our streets safer for pedestrians.
Hamtramck has long been known as a walkable community. You can get most anything you need within a reasonable walking distance of where you live.
Our community was designed, way back when, for people who didn’t own cars.
But as more folks were able to afford a car, and as public transportation declined, the clashes between autos and people have become more pronounced over the years.
City Life columnist Walter Wasacz has pointed out several solutions to slowing down drivers and also how to make our sidewalks safer.
It’s an ongoing battle that will require city hall to swing into action.
Public Schools Superintendent Tom Niczay has also pledged to help out, especially when it comes to intersections near the district’s schools.
It continually appalls us that drivers think nothing of plowing through intersections, while disregarding the safety of kids walking to and from schools.
It’s a tragedy waiting to happen.
The Review will continue to press city officials to implement ways to make our streets safer.
Stay tuned, folks, there is more to come.

Feb. 1, 2019

One Response to Making our streets safe for pedestrians is job one

  1. Fatema Hossain

    February 17, 2019 at 2:53 pm

    Where are our police patrols to prevent these speeding drivers?

    Obviously these young drivers do not feel there is enough of a police patrol presence to deter them from engaging in dangerous driving on a regular basis.

    Does the school district retain security personnel to observe intersections near schools so this type of errant behavior can be kept in check?

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