Mayor and council incumbents win re-election

Mayor Karen Majewski (right) has won her fourth term in office in Tuesday's General Election.

Mayor Karen Majewski (right) has won her fourth term in office in Tuesday’s General Election.


By Charles Sercombe
Tuesday’s General Election results are in and Mayor Karen Majewski has won a fourth term.
And in the city council race, both incumbents Andrea Karpinski and Ian Perrotta will return with a new member, Fadel Al-Marsoumi.
Councilmember Mohammed Hassan lost his bid to unseat Mayor Majewski by a 2-1 margin.
Karpinski was the top vote-getter in the August Primary Election and remained the number one vote-getter in Tuesday’s election. Perrotta moved up one notch from the primary election from third place to second.
Council candidate Nayeem Choudhury came in second in the primary election, but fell to fourth-place finisher in this election.
He has apparently come under a Michigan State Police investigation into election fraud over the handling of absentee ballots. No charges have been filed against him.
Despite the growing voter influence of the Bangladeshi and Yemeni communities, none of the candidates from their communities were elected. Council-elect Al-Marsoumi’s family is from Iraq.
All of those elected ran as a slate.

The total voter turnout was not immediately known, but it was believed to be over 3,000. The total number of absentee ballots was also not immediately known.
We will have more about the election in this Friday’s issue (Nov. 10) of The Review.

Election result breakdown …

Mayoral election:
Karen Majewski, 1,960 (61.23%)
Mohammed Hassan, 1,231 (38.46%)

City Council election:
*Andrea Karpinski, 1,410 (18.8%)
*Ian Perrotta, 1,283 (17.11%)
*Fadel Al-Marsoumi, 1,252 (16.69%)
Monzural Karim, 1,183 (15.77%)
Nayeem Leon Choudhury, 1,178 (15.71%)
Mohammed Al-Somiri, 1,172 (15.63%)
*Indicates the top three finishers, who will now serve on the new city council term that starts on Jan. 1, 2018.

Published November 8, 2017

5 Responses to Mayor and council incumbents win re-election

  1. Roadman

    November 8, 2017 at 1:21 am

    The mysterious “Michigan State Police investigation” had cast a pall over Election Day this November and likely caused Bengali-American candidates to lose votes.

    Early morning on Election Day WWJ news radio covered the story of this “investigation” and interviewed MSP Lt. Michael Shaw, who stated that the pendency of the investigation should not influence voters’ choices and that if illicit acts are found in the electoral processes, the City Clerk can take the appropriate remedial measures. That news story also covered the MSP raid on Walee Enterprises, Mr. Choudhury’s firm on Conant Avenue and mentioned that it was owned by Mr. Choudhury.

    Given only 75 votes separated Nayeem Choudhury from the third-place winning candidate, it is conceivable that the MSP raid and the public statements made by Lt.Shaw that were covered in the media did influence the election results – especially since Mr. Choudhury finished in second place in the August primary election – beating both Perrotta and Al-Marsoumi.

    There are some observers who felt this MSP investigation – and the leaks to the media – were politically motivated and calculated to damage candidacies; it appears that it is possible that the Michigan State Police’s conduct in this regard altered the election results.

    At this point, the content of the search warrants authorizing the raids has not been disclosed nor has the content of the sworn statements that the judicial officer relied upon in issuing the warrants. These are normally a matter of public record and easily accessible.

    The public should press the MSP for answers as to the genesis of the “election fraud investigation”.

  2. Mohammad Haque

    November 8, 2017 at 9:33 am

    Congratulations to all the winners. We must see good result to keep Hamtramck moving forward.

  3. guest

    November 8, 2017 at 9:45 am

    Thanks State Police for your hard campaiging. You have saved Hamtramck.

  4. Ahmed

    November 8, 2017 at 12:45 pm


  5. Ibrahim Aziz

    July 31, 2018 at 5:37 pm

    Looks like the tribal wars are heating up here in Hamtramck USA to wrestle control of the city council.

    I left the Middle East to get away from all this tribal warfare culture and politics. I wish everyone would just assimilate instead of bringing our Shariah Islamiyya here to the USA.

    At least I can leave Islam here in America and keep all my body parts intact.

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