Mayor takes a stand against federal intervention

Mayor Karen Majewski


By Charles Sercombe
Mayor Karen Majewski has joined other mayors across the country in condemning the use of federal officers to quell protests.
In a number of instances that has alarmed civil rights advocates, the officers are wearing military gear with no identification, and have also refused to identify themselves when confronted by the public.
In what appears to be a first-ever for a Hamtramck mayor, she recently issued an executive order that calls for Hamtramck police to intervene and make arrests for anyone claiming to be a federal officer but refuses to identify themselves.
In her order she says she is:
“Condemning the use of unmarked, ununiformed, unidentifiable federal law enforcement officers to arrest, detain, remove or otherwise control peaceful protestors; (2) Instructing Hamtramck police personnel to arrest and detain anyone claiming to be a law enforcement officer who cannot or will not provide proof of same and (3) Directing that the city attorney prosecute to the full extent of his authority any individual claiming to be a law enforcement officer who refuses to provide proof of same;
“Whereas, President Donald Trump has threatened to violate the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 in Michigan by deploying military personnel on American soil against American citizens;
“WHEREAS, President Donald Trump has deployed unmarked, ununiformed, unidentifiable federal law enforcement personnel to perform the local law enforcement function of maintaining the public peace;
“WHEREAS, the actions of these federal law enforcement officers violated the constitutional rights of individuals exercising their First and Fourth Amendment Rights in Portland, Oregon;
“WHEREAS, the Hamtramck City Charter Article 9-01 and the prior resolutions of the Hamtramck City Council provide that I take command of the police department to maintain order and enforce the laws;
“WHEREAS, the Hamtramck City Charter Article 9-01 requires that I perform acts required by the state and federal constitutions which guarantee the right to free speech, peaceful assembly as well as the right to be free of unlawful searches, seizures, and arrests which I find will be threatened by President Trump’s unlawful deployment of federal personnel onto our streets;
“Now, therefore it is ordered as follows: 1. The Hamtramck Police Department shall arrest and detain for disorderly conduct (or any other applicable offense) any individual claiming to possess
law enforcement authority who refuses to produce proof thereof upon reasonable request.
“The Chief of Police is hereby directed to publish and distribute to all HPD personnel a written order requiring officers under her supervision to abide by this resolution without exception;
“2. The Hamtramck City Attorney shall prosecute to the full extent of his lawful authority any individual arrested hereunder;
“3. The police chief and city attorney shall keep the mayor and city council reasonably informed of any actions their respective departments take pursuant to this order.”
Sept. 4, 2020

2 Responses to Mayor takes a stand against federal intervention

  1. Dennis Nowak

    September 5, 2020 at 7:34 pm

    I would like to see federal officers in Hamtramck to help if there is unrest.

    Can Karen even recite the “Posse Comitatus Act of 1878” or know what the federal statute stands for?

    What gives Majewski power to issue “executive orders” when the City of Hamtramck is a city manager form of government?

    Does Majewski REALLY have the power to order around the chief of police? Doesn’t Anne Moise answer to Kathy Angerer as a supervisor?

    This is likely political grandstanding by the mayor who realizes that 2021 is an election year for her seat as mayor.

  2. Darrell Roman

    September 18, 2020 at 1:24 pm

    What a disappointment! Instead of standing up for Hamtramck and it’s citizens if “God Forbid” anything terrible happen in Hamtramck and to it’s citizens she caves in like the rest of them… The President of the United States want’s to protect us and politicians like Karen are going in a different direction…

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