New city service will offer crime info online

By Charles Sercombe

Do you remember the not so distant days when you could read the weekly “Crime Log” in the paper?

That source of information was locked down several years ago per the order of a former police chief who was concerned about privacy issues involving people named in the log and possible interference with ongoing investigations.

A promise was made that some information would be released online so the community could at least keep track of what kinds of crimes were being reported and where at as well.

Yeah … We’re still waiting. Most communities have online information about their crimes stats.

Well, wait no longer, or actually, just a little bit longer. City Manager Bill Cooper said he’s hired a company at $600 a month to compile the information and on a weekly basis post online what crimes happened and where.

The information will give the general street location, for example the 12000 block of Jos. Campau, and the time it occurred.

There will also be a generalized description of the crime, such as assault and battery or armed robbery.

The online information will be free, but you will have to sign up for the service. The address for the online service is not available yet.

News of this service was, well, news to Councilmember Cathie Gordon who said: “That’s the first I’ve heard of this.”

Hmmmm, that seems like a crime.

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